Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament

Newsletter No. 41


April 2001


Holy Thursday—The Eucharist, Easter & Divine Mercy

"Holy Thursday, the eve of our Savior’s death, the day on which He instituted the adorable Sacrament of the Eucharist! That was the most beautiful day of our Lord’s life. It was the greatest day of His love and tenderness. Jesus was on the point of perpetuating His Presence in our midst. His love on the Cross was boundless, it is true, but there would be an end to His sufferings, and Good Friday was to last only one day. Holy Thursday would endure to the end of time. Jesus made Himself the Sacrament of Himself forever." (St. Peter Julian Eymard)

"Let us remain faithful to what the Upper Room ‘hands on’ to us, to the great gift of Holy Thursday. May we always celebrate the Holy Eucharist with fervour. May we dwell long and often in adoration before Christ in the Eucharist. May we sit at the ‘school’ of the Eucharist. Through the centuries, countless priests have found in the Eucharist the consolation promised by Jesus on the evening of the Last Supper, the secret to overcoming their solitude, the strength to bear their sufferings, the nourishment to make a new beginning after every discouragement, and the inner energy to bolster their decision to remain faithful. The witness which we give to the People of God in celebrating the Eucharist depends in large part upon our own personal relationship with the Eucharist." (Pope John Paul II)

Alleluia! A Blessed and Glorious Easter!

Easter, the Resurrection of Christ, is a joyous celebration of the Paschal mystery of His Presence in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus specifically requested that the feast of Divine Mercy be celebrated on the second Sunday of Easter. This magnificent day illumines God’s greatest attribute, His Divine Mercy, which He manifests in the Holy Eucharist.

The Blessed Sacrament—The Holy Eucharist—is truly Jesus, Our Risen Lord and Savior! Let us go to Him in adoration and receive His healing love and mercy in the The Most Blessed Sacrament!

"I desire that Adoration take place for the intention of imploring Mercy for the world," words of Jesus to Saint Mary Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament is the Throne of Mercy, Jesus to Faustina.

". . . I saw the same rays (that is, as those depicted on the revealed image of the Divine Mercy) issuing from the monstrance and they spread throughout the church. This lasted all through the service. After the Benediction (the rays came forth) on both sides and returned again to the monstrance. Their appearance was bright and clear as crystal. I asked Jesus that He think (deign) fit to light the fire of His love in all souls that were cold. Beneath these rays a heart will be warmed even if it were like a block of ice; even if it were as hard as rock, it will crumble into dust." (DIARY, 1, 155) (Quote from our A-1 pamphlet)

"O Blessed Host, in whom is contained the fountain of living water which springs from infinite mercy for us, and especially for poor sinners." (St. Mary Faustina Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament)

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"Could You Not Watch One Hour With Me?" (Mt. 26:40)

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